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Faraday Design Challenge Award Winners

Faraday Design Challenge Winners

On the 8th March six of our gifted and talented Year 8 students won the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Faraday Challenge.  The triumphant team were Elliot Bushnell, Angelina Kodjabashia, Vishnu Kolli, Ziggy Lyall, Samuel Makoka and Harry Milton.  The students competed against local schools, many of whom had put forward two teams.  The tasks incorporated art and design, mathematics, physics and engineering.  They designed a new attraction for Thorpe Park.  They had to create the design and theme and use logic and science to ensure safety and fun, budget for the plan and parts as well as design a functioning piece of their attraction.

Mrs Holmes was especially proud, not just because they won, but how well they worked together, designating each student with a role and completing each task with smiles and positive attitudes.  They were polite to other students and staff, listened to instruction and were really kind to one another, even if they disagreed.  Their behaviour embodied the community spirit of Sherrardswood and was noticed by other staff who commented on how well they were doing, their focus and their team support.

Sherrardswood is extremely proud of our students’ behaviour and teamwork and are proud of our well-deserved trophy.