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A Hungarian Jungle Book

I was lucky enough to witness four theatre performances in the duration of 2 days. I went to see an adaptation of an episode of a child TV series at the theatre, a Hungarian book's performance, and also a thirty one year old performance that I have seen before.

But the one I am writing about is Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, which in Hungarian is translated as A Dzsungel Könyve. It is a musical and tells the story of young Mowgli, of how he is brought up by wolves, his two coaches and mentors Baloo and Bagheera, the snake Kaa, the monkeys, Shere Khan the tiger, Akela the wolf leader, and Mowgli's meeting with humans. 

This show is filled with dancing performed by talented young actors.  It has been going for 23 years this year, and the very gifted Reviczky Gábor has been playing the superb, but emotional and moving role of Baloo the Bear since the premier. There has been over 1200 performances, and it is played in a very famous theatre called Pesti Szinház.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube which is 1 minute and 14 seconds, and is cut scenes from the performance that can give you a taste of the play.


The writing underneath says The Jungle Book-1000th Performance-Pesti Szinház. When the video starts, it will say 3 sentences with a few seconds between them. They say:

1. The Pesti Szinház presents
2. Human amongst the wolves
3. A wolf amongst humans

The singing is in Hungarian, but the dancing is still enjoyable, even if you don't speak Hungarian, which, to non speakers may seem a difficult and complex language. I hope you have enjoyed reading my little experience.
Lazar  (7LOD)