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Latest News

Enviroment Agency Visit

On Friday 3rd May, the Environment Agency came to visit our Year Nine and Ten Geographers to give them the unique opportunity to be a part of an interactive Rivers and Ecology Workshop. 
Currently, the Environment Agency are completing regular research on our part of the Mimram River passing the Lockleys and Mimram building, and as a result were able to provide our students with the opportunity to learn about the wonderful work they are doing.

The students were lucky enough to observe electric fishing taking place and to see the fish that are present in the Mimram River. They got to see two large brown trout as well as many Bullhead fish. Our pupils went into the river in their wellies and waders to complete some Kick Sampling, allowing them to see the organisms within the Mimram. Identification charts were used to name the species found and they discovered a range of species such as the Caddisfly Nymph and Mayfly Nymph’s. Finding these species proved that our river is currently in a rather good condition, as these organisms only survive in rivers that have very little pollution.

In addition to the interactive workshop, the students were provided with a presentation to explain the importance of the Mimram as a Chalk Stream and how the 2009/10 restoration that took place within our grounds has significantly improved the quality of the river. It is important for our pupils to understand the significance of our river owing to the fact there are approximately only 200 Chalk Streams in the world. In addition to this, they act as biodiversity hotspots with their stable flows and water temperatures providing an excellent habitat for many animals. The Environment Agency are hoping that we continuing monitoring of the Mimram, the quality of the river can be continually improved and allow more wildlife to flourish.