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Pirates of the Curry Bean

It was a fabulous occasion for all. I was lucky enough to see the play twice. The work put into the performance was outstanding, from those that were in the main parts right through to those who had more fleeting appearances (all children had a part to play). All performed very well. The script was funny and the children certainly did it justice.

The comic timing of Giles, Carter, Lily and Harriet to name but a few was spot on. My favourite character, if I am allowed to have one, was the bumbling aristocrat of an admiral whose daddy had got him a job on a…on a….boat! Lazar managed to take on four roles during the play and should be commended for stepping forward during a crisis of personnel.

Alongside the comedy we had beautiful singing – I was particularly struck by the clear tones of Luna, Marnie and Rebecca. In a hot ballroom the children played their hearts out. Some must have shed several pounds in weight by looking at how heavy their costumes were. Rex’s red/pink beard must have been particularly itchy as I am sure were the masks of the rats and monkeys. A big thankyou to Mrs Freeborn, Mrs Hartwig and Miss Hanson for all their hard work. I know the children appreciated it, as evidenced by the big cheers they received at the end!