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Latest News

The Business of Making Chocolate

On Monday 1st July Year 8 will become young entrepreneurs for the day.  An external company “The Melting Pot” will be running this event which involves the students working in teams and competing against each other.  Each team will be required to set up a chocolate making business. 

There will be three companies and the individual members of each company will each be responsible for different functional areas of the business such as Finance, Marketing etc.  At the end of the day each company will present what are effectively their business plans to a panel of judges and the winning company will gain an investment.  More importantly each company will actually be involved in making their own chocolate! 

This is an extremely popular event which we run every year and helps students to develop the essential skills of teamwork, planning, organisation and delegation, self-evaluation and communication.  Year 8 students are invited to attend in Business attire as opposed to school uniform on the day.  I hope that they all thoroughly enjoy the experience.