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  • Outstanding Education from Pre-School to Sixth Form

    Welcome to Sherrardswood School, where we are committed to providing a transformative educational experience for our students. With small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio, our focus is truly on the individual child and their personal endeavour, providing individualised attention and support for every child.

    Through instilling a love of learning in the Early Years and nurturing our children through Prep and Senior, we enable our students to thrive and thus achieve the best grades at GCSE and A Level. We are proud of our 86% A to B record, reinforced through our regular place at the top of the league tables for GCSEs. Our students don’t just pass, they excel.

    Sherrardswood School is dedicated to continuing to provide our pupils with an outstanding education within a nurturing and secure environment. We encourage the gifts and talents of every child, celebrating individuality and building self-confidence as our pupils grow and flourish during their time at our school, as well as setting the groundwork for bright, well-rounded individuals for life beyond Sherrardswood.

    We help our students discover their passions, build self-assurance, and develop essential social and emotional skills, preparing them for a bright and successful future. Discover what sets Sherrardswood School apart from the rest. Discover academic excellence.