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Sixth Form

About Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is dedicated to the comprehensive education and development of young, aspiring academics in their chosen fields of interest. Regarded as influential role models by the younger generations, being a Sixth Form student entails a privilege and a responsibility simultaneously.  

Our dynamic Sixth Form programme offers a unique and enriching experience that prepares our students for the challenges of higher education, future careers, and life beyond school. The provision of an inclusive and supportive environment enables current Sherrardswood students and students who have joined from other schools to be made to feel welcome and immediately settled in.

We empower our students to make informed decisions and embrace their future with confidence. Many of our Sixth Form students go on to pursue their studies at prestigious universities after receiving a truly well-rounded education. We prioritise the cultivation of our students’ interaction with their community, nurturing them to become valuable members of society, instilled with positive values and a genuine enthusiasm for embracing all that life offers.

ISI Report 2023 - In discussion, pupils were keen to point to the individualised support and encouragement they receive both from teachers and tutors as key contributory factors to their excellent academic progress.


What Our Students and Parents Think

‘Mrs. Wright showed me around the school, looked into me and offered me a chance to finally achieve my dreams. She saw me for not what I had been on paper, but for who I could become, and it remains the kindest act anyone has ever done for me to this very day.’ - Sixth Form Student.

‘Our daughter flourished at Sherrardswood and she has become quietly self-assured. Having finished Year 13 last month, she is predicted top grades and has an offer of a Russell Group university – Exeter, one of the best Geology universities in the country. To be awaiting these results is beyond what we ever dreamed possible, and I think we can safely say Sherrardswood has helped her completely fulfil her potential.’ - Sixth Form Parent.