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Fireworks and Special Spells

This week in Year One, we have been looking at Fireworks Night, the Gunpowder Plot and Halloween. We started the week by thinking about a special spell to make a good friend. Here are two examples.
Good Friend Spells
A drop of happiness
A cup of listening
A jar of bravery
A drop of kindness
A dash of goodness

A pot of goodness
A spoonful of bravery
A dash of happiness
A jar of helpfulness
A cup of kindness
A bowl of sharing

We then thought about Bonfire Night. We will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot over the next few weeks in History and began by finding out about Guy Fawkes, looking at some of the things he might have used. We realised that items were different because there was no electricity so he used a lantern and a pocket watch rather than a torch and a mobile phone. We wrote our own Firework acrostic poems, thinking about the pretty pictures and sounds that fireworks make.
Fireworks Descriptions

F – Fire bangs
I – Indigo sparkly
R – Raising fire
E – Exploding colours
W – Wheels whoosh
O – Orange sparkles
R – Rainbow sparkly
K – Kaleidoscope of colours
S –Shimmering lights
F – Flaming wood
I – Interesting bangs
R – Rainbows are beautiful
E –Exploding bonfires
W – Wheels sparkle
O – Orange leaves
R –Roaring bangs
K – Kaleidoscope shapes
S – Sparkly gems

We finished the week by creating our own firework pictures during our Art lesson with Mr Capuano, some f which you can see above! We drew the Houses of Parliament with chalk and created our special fireworks with splatter paint and glitter. Mr Capuano then chose Darcie-Rae’s picture to go on the Wonder Wall in his office.