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Latest News

Learning in Reception

In maths we have been learning about shape this week. We have focussed on the four main shapes: circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We have also touched on ovals and hexagons. The children completed various table activities and games on the interactive whiteboard and have shown their great shape knowledge.

We also continued our counting up to 30 and ensuring the children recognise all the numbers from 1-20 using flashcards. Some of them were a little confused between 12 and 20 so we will work on that!  In phonics, they continue to learn the phase 2 sounds.

Meanwhile, in literacy this week, we have focused on o, c, and k. Many of the children know lots of words beginning with these three letters and we have particularly focussed on their letter formation. This means ensuring they are holding their pencil correctly and forming their letters by starting at the top. We will continue to focus on letter formation for each new sound we learn.   

Finally, we met with our Year 6 buddies again – lots of photos on Tapestry. This time, we took a trip up to their classroom which was very exciting for Reception. They showed what they had been making and also had a great outdoor play after! We continue to learn our Harvest festival songs and I would like to say thank you to those parents who have brought in items for Harvest.