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St Tiggywinkles

On Tuesday 14th May, Year 4 went to Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital in Haddenham. Here is a beautiful recount of the trip written by one of our pupils

When we went to Tiggywinkles we saw badgers, baby birds, muntjac deer, birds and a polecat along with hedgehogs. Some of the hedgehogs were blind. One was missing a leg because it was amputated (cut off) and another had no eye. There was also a female duck. Its husband died and all the swans were being mean by pushing her off the eggs so people called Tiggywinkles and took the duck and the eggs there. The eggs were cold. The female duck sat on the eggs and tried to warm them up.

They didn’t think the ducklings would survive but the next day they hatched also there was no runt (one that is very weak, they were all healthy. The female duck only had eight ducklings so for some reason when the duck wasn’t watching they snuck in more babies. The duck didn’t notice. Also when we are looking after an injured animal make sure not to tame it otherwise it won’t hunt for its self and starve to death. Another thing you should know is that if you see a baby deer lying around don’t take it. Its mother will come back. They think it’s safe to leave their offspring in the grass. 

A bird we saw was missing a wing. The person who started Tiggywinkles loved animals so one day he found a bird with a broken wing. They took it to the vet but he said “Sorry we don’t know about birds so let’s put him down” he thought we don’t want that. So they took it home and took care of it. When they came back from a walk they had baby birds and the female bird was excited. They thought it was once a mother. It probably was since it looked after them. So instead of learning from a human it learnt from a bird, and they could eventually let it go.