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‘Over the last seven years, there have been so many wonderful and happy school memories. I would like to thank you for always ensuring those special moments and milestones are recorded and celebrated with photos, inviting parents to share events etc. Above all we are all so grateful for the care of the staff at Sherrardswood, nothing is too much or overlooked and the staff are committed and dedicated to ensuring the best pastoral care and teaching.’ - Sixth Form Parent.

‘Many thanks for all the support you have given our daughter this year. She has really enjoyed Year 12 and even said she would like to be there longer and have shorter holidays this year!’ - Sixth Form Parent.

‘Thank you so much for all your help and support this year and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be head of eagle – I can’t wait to represent the house! I have really enjoyed Year 12 and I’m sad it’s ending! But I’m really looking forward to Year 13.’ - Sixth Form Student.

‘I do want to say a big thank you for the latitude, support, and care you have given my son over the past year. I can’t imagine he would have been fortunate enough to have that kind of support anywhere else.’ - Sixth Form Parent.

‘Our daughter flourished at Sherrardswood and she has become quietly self-assured. Having finished Year 13 last month, she is predicted top grades and has an offer of a Russell Group university – Exeter, one of the best Geology universities in the country. To be awaiting these results is beyond what we ever dreamed possible, and I think we can safely say Sherrardswood has helped her completely fulfil her potential.’ - Sixth Form Parent.

‘Mrs. Wright showed me around the school, looked into me and offered me a chance to finally achieve my dreams. She saw me for not what I had been on paper, but for who I could become, and it remains the kindest act anyone has ever done for me to this very day.’ - Sixth Form Student.

‘Thank you so much for being such a brilliant and supportive teacher to me over the past two years. You’ve brightened so many days and have always been there for me with open ears if I ever had any problems, and that’s why you’re my favourite teacher! It’s crazy to think I’ve only really known you for two years because I quickly saw you as someone I could trust and almost like a second mum! You’ve made my sixth form experience so happy, so thank you! You’ve inspired me massively, and there will always be a piece of you in every future essay I write!’ - Sixth Form Student.

'Thank you for being supportive constantly. You've seen me grow and encouraged all of my dreams.' - Sixth Form Student.